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5 Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy All Year Round

Getting outdoors and active is a wonderful way to spend time, keeping you fit while reveling in nature. However, a number of these activities can only be enjoyed when the weather accommodates, which means that, during the colder months, especially when there is due to be more frequent and heavy rainfall, many won’t be able to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities.

There are, however, a number of activities that remain safe and fun throughout the entire year. These activities, while sometimes requiring extra gear or a slightly different approach, allow those inclined and eager to be outside the reason to get outdoors and have fun, even when the climate changes. If you’re looking for such an activity, whether as a new physical pursuit or as something to seasonally replace your current endeavor, we’re sharing five our the most popular.


Hunting mushrooms and gathering seaweed has grown in popularity over the past few years, with many taking an interest in the numerous health benefits of incorporating wild food into their diet. Foraging, as an activity, is wonderfully rewarding, requiring little by the way of equipment or physical ability, meaning that just about anybody can begin. And, while you will need to wrap up and stay dry during the colder, wetter months, there are always edible delights available in the wild year-round, making it an ideal activity to fill your calendar.


Getting onto the water and exploring is a great adventure, one that can be enjoyed throughout the year, promising you’re willing to risk getting a little wet! Oceans and lakes are wonderful spaces to paddle all year but during the winter months they are typically quieter, meaning that spaces can be enjoyed without the busyness of other paddlers.

Wild Swimming

The idea of plunging into freezing waters might shock some but it is an activity that many not only enjoy but insist is superb for their health. Wild swimming is, therefore, an amazing outdoor activity that can be enjoyed not only during the summer, as a way to refresh yourself and cool down, but as an invigorating winter adventure. Depending on your state laws and landscapes, swimming is possible in lakes, rivers, and oceans, so long as you’re safe.


Sometimes, it isn’t the idea of physicality that draws people outdoors but the atmosphere. This is why many chose to enjoy their yoga sessions within nature and not confined to a gym or their home. Practicing yoga outdoors in a secluded and quiet spot can be an invigorating experience, even during the winter months, promising, that is, that suitable cover is found and that warm clothing is worn. Taking along a hot drink will help your body to reach a comfortable temperature too.


What many consider to be the most intense and thrilling experience one can pursue, skydiving is a year-round activity with airports only denying flights during the most tumultuous of winds and weather. So, if you are looking to become accustomed to the adrenaline of freefalling or tandem diving, then taking to the air across the seasons might just be for you.

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