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5 Safety Tips when Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a fun activity where you float on the water surface; all people, young and old, enjoy it. The only qualification you need to snorkel is to be in good physical condition. As a snorkeler, you will have fun exploring the marine life underneath. But since it is done in the water, you need to have a mask to enjoy the vision at the manta ray snorkel and a snorkel to help you breathe. You need to be careful by following snorkeling safety tips.

Snorkeling Safety Tips

Be Confident

Snorkeling is not as hard as you may think; you can learn within a short time. If you don’t trust your snorkeling ability, wear a snorkel vest for safety and a visible swim buoy; it will be easy for other people around you to see you. Make sure you have a snorkel vest and swim buoy so that floatation will be effortless in case you get tired. The swimming buoy shouldn’t miss your snorkeling safety equipment.

Buy Proper Snorkel Equipment

Buy the best snorkel products from reputable manufacturers. Well-made snorkel gear will protect you from the danger of low-quality products that may break in the middle of snorkeling, ruining your vacation because of damaged fins, or a leaking mask. Always go for the best mask, snorkel, and high-quality snorkeling fins and learn how to use them.

Never Snorkel Alone

Make it more fun by tagging your partner or friend for safe snorkeling trips; if you are alone, it is safe to join groups or a new friend at the beach. Anything can happen to anyone on the water surface, so it’s better to help one another. Plus, it’s more fun when you snorkel as a group. If you insist on going alone, ensure you stay close to the shore. You are advised to carry your phone in a waterproof phone bag so that you may call for help in case of an emergency.

Don’t Snorkel when your Stomach is Full

After eating, you are supposed to take some time before snorkeling. The waves and swallowing salty water accidentally may make you feel sick, especially when you are full. Eat lightly nutrient-rich food such as vegetables, whole meal pasta, salad, fruits, and chicken to give you the energy to swim. If you have allergies, carry some snacks to eat while on the beach since it might be difficult to get gluten- or dairy-free snacks. You can bring nuts, protein bars, or sliced veggies.

Keep yourself Hydrated, but don’t Take Alcohol

Swimming under the influence of alcohol can be dangerous; for safety’s sake, you shouldn’t drink on snorkeling day. However, you should stay hydrated since you spend more hours under the hot sun on the beach, so take a lot of water or juice.

Protect your Skin

Another safety tip is protecting your skin from sun rays. Sunburn is painful and dangerous, so protect your skin using a sunblock swimming suit that will keep your skin protected and not harm marine life. If you can’t access a sunblock swimsuit, go for a sunscreen that is marine friendly.


Snorkeling can be fun and one of the best experiences you can have. It is an activity where you can tag your entire family or colleagues. Everything might look beautiful, but ensure you don’t touch marine life or chase the sea animals; some might be dangerous. Some species are so toxic and can be harmful to your health.

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