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The Caribbean: Plan Your Best Sailing Trips this Summer

Are you wondering what the best sailing locations in the world are? If you’re planning a sailing vacation, then these three sailing locations must be in your bucket lists. From the windward island to the Lesser Antilles, these locations in the Caribbean offer something special for everyone. Let’s take a view of these three locations one by one.

  • Windward Islands

The Windward Islands are famous for its barrier reefs, tropical rainforests, and secluded anchorages. Here, in these Islands, you will get an experience of everything that the Caribbean usually offers. Moreover, there is an abundance of fine trade-winds that are sailing to boot, as well. For the sailors, they can begin with multiple choices and end their adventures. However, from any of these, you can also choose to plan your sailing location as laid-back and challenging as you wish.

The Windward Islands stretches from north to south roughly across 120 nautical miles of the open Atlantic, though Colombus sailed all the way over here from Rhodes.  Beginning from Martinique, at 14.64 degrees north, it continues till Grenada, at 12.12 degrees north. Apart from this, the other major islands include the St. Lucia and the St. Vincent, the capital the Grenadines. The Grenadines also include bustling Bequia as well as Union Island, along with several smaller and remote islands. It also includes the otherworldly Tobago Cays.

  • Leeward Islands

The strains ring through the Old Dutch fort of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. St. Eustatius’ anthem was so surprising. The young islander sang it very sweetly. It was sung after ‘Het Wilhelmus’, the Dutch national anthem as well as ‘The Golden Rock’. Nevertheless, here you are now on a small island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea at twelve hundred miles away from U.S. soil. However, the three thousand five hundred occupants of the Statia claimed a unique and loving connection to the US. St. Eustatius is colloquially called the Statia.

During the US Revolution, Statia was one of the few fledgling republics’ shipping connections to Europe. People used to traffic the Munitions and supplies through the then-bustling port. Moreover, they were pivotal to the constant battle for independence. However, Statia’s appeal lies in a lot more than its prosperous history. People often bypass this island in the central Caribbean, despite its breadth of the fresh atmosphere. Hence, they also miss the rich treasures on land and sea, its Verdant beauty, and the warmth of the people.

  • Lesser Antilles

According to most of the people, the Lesser Antilles is the best location to charter on Earth. It has been providing fifty-six years of offshore sailing as of now. The Lesser Antilles spreads out for more than a hundred thousand nautical miles. It is even convincing that the Frankly comes nowhere close to this. Of course, the Tahiti and Tonga are pleasant, and people love it. Moreover, it is great to see the charter locations expanding in Thailand, Mexico as well as Greece. However, none of these locations comes closer to that of the Eastern Caribbean.

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